How it works

This is how it works!

Obli reminds users to drink regularly and sufficiently: simple, intuitive and effective. Fluid intake is registered en communicated over the cloud. This ensures that family caregivers , even if they live at a great distant and can’t visit on a daily bases, can keep an eye on their relative and support them effectively. This also applies for the home care, the family doctor and medical specialist. Setting up and operating Obli remotely is also possible, for example, with changes in treatment or a heat wave.

In the morning a bottle or carafe with water or juice is placed on Obli. Obli reminds a user through light and sound signals to drink. If you drink a glass of water: Obli turns green again! A cup of coffee or tea? Push the ‘add cup button’. Obli shows how much a user has been drinking and how much he or she still has to go. A family caregiver or professional care provider can monitor a client’s fluid intake through a website or a mobile application. Also for home care it’s possible to keep an eye on things.

Obli helps to drink enough!


Obli-bewegend-(klein) Voldoende drinken

Instruction videos

Obli is an innovation of Fresh Idea Factory.
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