Obli in practice

The Impact of Obli:

Besides you can see a video what the impact of Obli is.

Impact study:


The proof of the pudding is in the eating.

Loosely translated in Obli language: “the evidence of fluid intake is drinking.” We develop Obli sought cooperation with partners in science and healthcare. Together we set-up a scientific validation study and perform with them. This study was from April 2013 until April 2015. This study was funded by the CZ-fonds

The main conclusion out of this study, is that the combination of education and Obli increase fluid intake by an average of 65%. In addition, user satisfaction is very high among users and healthcare professionals.

Here is the english version of our validation study

Hier ist die deutsche version des Validierungsstudie

Getting Started with Obli


Obli Care - Een zorg minder! Obli stimuleert patiënten en cliënten actief om voldoende te drinken.


At healthcare organisation is Obli allready a lot in use. If you know more about the use of Obli in your healthcare organization. Please contact use.


Obli is allready in use by:

The Netherlands, region Achterhoek


The Netherlands

GGD West
The Netherlands, region Breda
Focus Cura
The Netherlands
The Netherlands
The Netherlands, province Utrecht
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The Netherlands, region Boxtel
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The Netherlands, region Venlo
The Netherlands, Rotterdam
De Friese Woude
The Netherlands, province Friesland
The Netherlands, region Maastricht
The Netherlands
The Netherlands, region Groningen
The Netherlands
Gemeente Alkmaar
The Netherlands, Township Alkmaar
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The Netherlands, province Overijssel

Duitsland, provincie Nedersaksen
France, region Toulouse
The Netherlands, region Doetinchem
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The Netherlands, region Roosendaal
De zorggroep
The Netherlands, region Nord-Limburg
Savant zorg

The Netherlands, region Helmond

The Netherlands, region Nijmegen

The Netherlands, region Nijmegen

The Netherlands, region Kaatsheuvel


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